#WeAreRocketStrong Together

The San Francisco Technology Democrats is teaming up with San Francisco Commissioner Darryl Honda to help collect Get-Well cards and local souvenir donations to replace items stolen from family while visiting Fisherman’s Wharf.

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Photo via Vic Lee/ABC7 Twitter


Moved by the story originally reported by Vic Lee of ABC 7 News, the San Francisco Technology Democrats and Darryl Honda, President of the San Francisco Board of Appeals, are teaming up to help the family that traveled from Hawai‘i to the Bay Area to get medical care for their 14 year old son, Kaikea Ahuna. The Ahuna family had many personal and sentimental items stolen from their car while making a quick stop near Fisherman’s Wharf, one of the City’s most popular destinations.

Items that were taken include all of the Get Well cards written by friends and family back home in Hawai’i, as well as souvenirs from Hawai‘i that his parents had planned to fill Kaikea’s recovery room with to with a long recovery. Kaikea will undergo a difficult brain surgery procedure to remove a tumor. The surgery is scheduled to take place on Thursday, April 28 at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford.

Kaikea’s nickname is Rocket, and his family adopted the phrase that they are keeping “Rocket Strong”.

“We are proud to help the Ahuna family and mobilize the technology community across San Francisco to show Kaikea that our City is 100 percent behind him in his recovery and #WeAreRocketStrong together” said David Cruise, President, San Francisco Technology Democrats. “Tech and Gig-Economy workers across the Bay Area are always actively engaged in serving our community, Kaikea’s story touched many of us which resulted in a very organic and viral call to service with our members to show the Ahuna family our support.

The San Francisco Technology Democrats is encouraging everyone to send well wishes to Kaikea and the Ahuna family by Tweeting @SFTechDems using the hashtag #WeAreRocketStrong. All of the messages received will be printed and delivered to the Ahuna family this Thursday.

“Our City is a tight knit community that comes from across the globe, As a local boy from Hawai‘i, I had to show the Ahuna family that San Francisco is filled with folks with Aloha” said Darryl Honda, President of the San Francisco Board of Appeals. “Many of my friends and family have been deeply and emotionally moved to respond to this senseless crime and help the Ahuna family while they are away from their home in Hawai‘i, together we can help make Kaikea’s recovery room a little bit brighter and filled with love”.

Darryl is opening his offices as a collection center for anyone who wishes to drop off cards, souvenirs, and other get-well items that can be placed in Kaikea’s recovery room.

Chief Marketing Officer for the San Francisco Technology Democrats, Candice Dayoan said “I grew up in Hawai‘i and moved to San Francisco ten years ago, but I will always consider Hawai‘i home. We know that they have lost so many priceless and personal items, and we can never replace that. What we can do is show the Ahuna Family that we will bring the Aloha Spirit to them in SF, and hopefully make this already difficult time a little easier."

Get-well items are being accepted in two ways, in-person and via Twitter. Souvenirs and paper cards can be dropped off at the offices of Darryl and Nick Honda at Zephyr Real Estate, 2282 Market Street between the hours of 9 AM to 6 PM until Wednesday evening, April 27th. In addition, SF Tech Democrats are launching the Twitter campaign and encourage everyone to send get well Tweets to Kaikea by tweeting their messages to @SFTechDems using the hashtag #WeAreRocketStrong. All of the Tweeted messages, get well cards, and souvenirs will be delivered to the family at Lucile Packard Children’s Stanford Hospital on Thursday morning, where Kaikea is expected to begin his recovery.

Donation Collection & Delivery Info:

  • Donations can be dropped off in-person to Darryl or Nick Honda at 2282 Market Street (9AM – 6 PM)
  • Paper Get-Well cards and Hawai’i/San Francisco souvenirs are encouraged.
  • Items can also be sent via U.S. Mail to Darryl Honda, 2282 Market Street, San Francisco, Ca. 94114
  • Get-Well Tweets can be sent to @SFTechDems with hashtag #WeAreRocketStrong
  • All items will be delivered to Ahuna family (time TBD, location @ Lucile Packard Childrens Stanford Hospital)
  • Delivery will be made to the Ahuna family via the Official Vehicle for San Francisco Fleet Week.


Please contact David Cruise, at David@SFTechDems.org or 415-726-5150 for more information.