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On August 23rd, SF TechDems hosted Catherine Bracy from Tech4Obama. Catherine shared a lot about what the Obama Campaign is doing to leverage technology and how people can help. Below are some of the highlights.


1. Sign up for Tech4Obama: ( Technology for Obama (T4O) is activating influencers from the broad technology community to support President Obama's re-election.  T4O volunteers use their networks to persuade undecided voters, drive voter registration and GOTV, recruit field volunteers and raise money for the campaign.  By signing up for T4O you'll find out about opportunities to participate in these efforts, and have access to tools and resources to help meet these volunteer, fundraising, registration and turn-out goals.

2. Sign up to volunteer in the San Francisco Tech Office: The Obama campaign's SF Tech office, the first of its kind in political history, recruits technologists (engineers, designers, programmers, UX experts, and product managers) to conceive and build tools that will be deployed nationally by the campaign.  As we enter the final stretch of the campaign, the SF Tech office is turning its attention to supporting the states directly with various tech-related tasks as well as beta testing new versions of existing tools.  You don't have to be able to write code to participate in these efforts.  All you need is to be comfortable using web-based tools and performing light tech support.  There are opportunities in San Francisco as well as in the battleground states.  Sign up to support the battleground states here.  If you want to join our beta testing army, you can sign up here.  Questions can be emailed to:

3. Attend the convention watch party: The NorCal chapter of T4O is hosting several gatherings throughout the fall, the first of which will be a watch party for the President's acceptance speech at the DNC on September 6. You can get more details and RSVP here.  T4O will also be holding watch parties for each of the four debates.  Save the dates, and stay tuned for more info.

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