SF Tech Dems Launches at California Democratic Convention

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Friday, April 29, 2011 

SF Tech Dems Launches at California Democratic Party Convention
New Democratic Club will Support and Influence the State Party on Technology and Good Government Issues 


SACRAMENTO - Suki Kott and Adriel Hampton today announced the formal launch of SF Tech Dems, a new San Francisco Bay Area Democratic club which seeks to support and influence the California Democratic Party on technology and good government issues. 

Charter officers include Treasurer, Suki Kott; President, Adriel Hampton, and VP of Creative, Jen Drake. Brigette Hunley, chair of the California Democratic Party's Computer & Internet Caucus is the first member of the SF Tech Dems' Advisory Board.

"I am honored to serve on the advisory board of SF Techdems, San Francisco's newest democratic club," Hunley said. "This new club will help the CDP Computer & Internet caucus accomplish our mission on a local level in the Bay Area."

The CDP Internet Caucus was formed to harness the power of the internet and communication technology to further Democratic ideals, issues, and legislation; to assist Democratic Clubs and Assembly Districts; and to elect Democratic candidates.

SF Tech Dems will raise and spend funds to ensure that civic technology, open government and Gov 2.0 ideals are well-represented on the agendas of Democratic candidates in San Francisco and California. The Tech Dems will also endorse and sponsor legislation related to technology policy and good governance. 

The club will be recruiting members this weekend at the State Democratic Party Convention and will hold a membership and fundraising drive in late May in San Francisco.

"We aim to focus on good government through technology: efficiency, collaboration, transparency and agile innovations to build a better representative democracy," said Hampton. "We are pleased to support the efforts of the Computer & Internet Caucus, and to push issues of concern to the civic tech community in San Francisco and the State level."

Contact: Adriel Hampton, 925-895-3744, techdems@adrielhampton.com

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