Herrera: Vibrant Tech Community Must Engage in Political Process

dennis-herrera.jpgDennis Herrera, San Francisco's City Attorney, has joined the SF Tech Dems as an advisory board member. Said Herrera:

"It's incredibly important that we as a city work to engage our vibrant tech community in the political process. San Francisco has the great privilege of being home to a number of groundbreaking tech companies that can provide us with outstanding input on policy decisions to move our great city forward.

"We are already far beyond most other American municipalities in open data and social media platforms, but we can do better. San Francisco should be leading the charge in technology innovation in government. The city needs to to begin having a serious dialogue with our technology community so they can provide us with the best possible guidance on issues affecting them like government IT spending and tax policies to encourage entrepreneurial growth. We have all of the tools and resources we need to be a champion of tech issues in the Democratic party and San Francisco must utilize those resources and lead."

Other Tech Dems advisory board members include Brigette Hunley, chair of the California Democratic Party Computer & Internet Caucus, Silicon Valley legislator Sally Lieber, and SF Board of Supervisors President David Chiu.

The first meeting of the SF Tech Dems is tonight, 5:30 p.m., at 1408 Market St.. Sign up for email updates here. 2011 dues are $50 for an individual; $80 for a household; and $10 for other memberships - join and pay dues online here.

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