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Posted by SF Tech Dems on Sunday, November 1, 2015

Announcing our November 2015 Endorsements!

We are proud to announce the San Francisco Technology Democrats endorsed candidates and campaigns for the 2015 Municipal Election. In accordance with our ByLaws and the published Endorsement Criteria, the Committee undertook a deep review of the candidates and propositions being considered on the November ballot. At the conclusion of the interviews and lengthy reviews of the legislative texts and voting records, the Endorsements Committee released a slate of recommendations to the membership for affirmation. Membership voting concluded at 11:59 PM on September 1st 2015 with the result of 96% of members voting to affirm the slate. Thank you to all of the members who have voted and we look forward to supporting the endorsed candidates and campaigns.



Mayor – Ed Lee

Let’s face it, Mayor Ed Lee does get it done, and he does it by bringing people together to achieve great things for our City. Over the past 4 years, the City has seen an impressive boom in all areas, from job growth and enhancing tax revenue to civic technology innovation on a scale greater than anyone could have predicted. His administration has moved to bridge the digital divide with #SFWifi and he continues to create civic partnerships with the tech community to benefit our City schools and ensuring shared prosperity across our City. We certainly believe he deserves another term!

Board of Supervisors (District 3) – Supervisor Julie Christensen

As a community member, Julie has spent years advocating to improve District 3 by bringing stakeholders together to advance important City projects in public transit, libraries and parks, pedestrian safety, and historic preservation. Since her appointment in January, Supervisor Christensen has continued this dedication to improving City policy on many levels. With that said, there is a very fine line between policymaking and political interference in the management of our City, and Julie definitely understands this important separation. We raise this issue as the most important factor that separates the candidates in this race. The overall tone and camaraderie within City Hall has greatly improved over the years, and as a result, encouraged greater civic participation by residents and community stakeholders across our City. Ensuring the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor can continue to work together to advance good policies that benefit open government, bridging the digital divide, civic innovation, and community participation. We strongly believe Julie has the skills and determination to work in the best interest of District 3 and all residents across our City.


Sheriff – Vicki Hennessy

Sheriff Hennessy has demonstrated her ability to lead while entrusted with our City’s public safety based on her 35 years of experience leading the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department and the Department of Emergency Management. She has a keen understanding of the lines between technology and personal privacy, while also recognizing the value that Open Data provides for the benefit of first responders and residents of our City. As San Franciscan’s we are proud (and thankful) that she has stepped up to serve our City.


Community College Board Trustee – Alex Randolph

Alex is a smart, passionate, and devoted public professional with exceptional credentials. In his short time on the Community College Board of Trustees, Alex has demonstrated his ability to lead the reforms City College needs in order to serve the best interests of the students, staff, and all communities of our City. Most importantly, he carries out his duties selflessly without ties to special interests. Alex is committed to ensuring City College has a solid financial future to ensure it can prepare students for careers in emerging technology fields while also providing all communities high quality education services. Alex exhibits an authentic and faithful civic responsibility rarely seen in candidates for the City College Board and we believe in him 100%.


Ballot Measures










  • Measure J: Establishing the Legacy Business Historic Preservation Fund - YES



The Endorsement Committee's endorsement process has now concluded. If you are a member or represent a campaign or candidate, and you have questions about the endorsement process or the criteria, please contact Rebecca at rebecca@sftechdems.org or fill out the form below.

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